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About Atomic Tennis

Atomic Tennis is the brain child of David Rutherford, a highly experienced and qualified coach, to run comprehensive and professional coaching programs for players of all levels and ages in the local community. 

We are passionate about tennis and are committed to providing the best possible service to meet all your coaching needs. From a 5-year-old novice, elite competition level or a social doubles player, whatever you are wanting to get out of your game, we can help you! 


Our Vision

Atomic Tennis believes that tennis can be played by anyone. For the very young and budding players, it wants to instil and grow the passion for tennis by making it a fun and enjoyable game. For the competitive players who seek higher achievements, Atomic Tennis wants to identify them early and place them on the right Performance Pathway Program to nurture, grow and support their talent. Atomic Tennis also believes that the parents of players wanting to learn how to play tennis for the first time or picking up a tennis racquet after years of not playing should all be actively encouraged to play tennis and improve their game as it all adds up to the building of a strong community of tennis players, spectators and supporters.

Atomic Tennis has a goal to grow its coaching programs and resources into the community and to set a high level of coaching across all levels.


Our Philosophy

Atomic Tennis makes it their mission to continuously upskill by researching and learning new techniques and tactics and imparting in turn passing these skills and knowledge on to their players. There is always something new to learn in tennis and this is why Atomic Tennis loves the sport! 

Our mission at Atomic Tennis is to build better, more focused appropriate programs, to coach with enthusiasm and quality, while considering the needs of each individual. We recognize that tennis coaching is a unique profession and we understand that no one is the same. Teaching a young beginner, adult beginner, elite teenager or competitive adult all require different skills from a coach. Dave Rutherford has a proven record in providing coaching at all levels and we work with each individual to understand their needs and to build a program around them focused on strengthening their game and getting them to where they want to be in the game of tennis.

Atomic Tennis wants to get everyone and anyone to play tennis. It’s a great way to keep fit and get out there socializing and making friends within the community. Lifelong tennis playing partners can be made too! Apparently tennis is one of those games that you can actually continue playing all the way past eighty. Atomic Tennis loves seeing “Giggle and Hit” tennis playing Moms (a term coined affectionately by a former players mother!)  having a great and fun time on the court. The kid players love it when their parent plays tennis because they understand the game better.

Atomic Tennis sincerely believes there should be “no mucking” around and telling things as they really are when providing feedback to the players on their performance. Honest and transparent evaluation goes a long way in building the trust and gaining the respect of the players.

Atomic Tennis also has aspirations that their players will become role models both on and off the court. That they will always play fairly and display integrity and good sportsmanship on the court. That even if they don’t go on to become international professional players, they would have learnt some good lessons and lifelong skills to use off the court. As an example, the fighting spirit to come from behind and try and win the game even when the odds are stacked against you because sometimes all it takes is a change or a lift in mindset and in your game.

About David

David hails originally from Australia, a small town called Esperance. He moved to Wellington, New Zealand as a young boy living his childhood years on Plimmerton Beach and playing endless tennis and cricket over the hot summer months. David was always mad about tennis right from a young boy. His passion was to spend every possible moment watching avidly top ranked tennis players, asking non-stop questions of them and then pestering these same players for a hit (which they always agreed). David’s self-initiated learning method worked incredibly well because he moved up the ranks quickly representing the local region for both the junior and senior team age groups.   

After doing his OE Kiwi rite of passage in Europe, he returned to Wellington, New Zealand where he discovered his passion and potential in tennis coaching. A few years down the track and Rutherford Tennis was born. There he found his passion for being his own boss and was able to implement his philosophies and style into the business, which continues on today.   


During this successful era spanning 14 years Rutherford Tennis would help various local clubs back on the "tennis map" growing their memberships and guiding community members back on the court. David would also step into the role of Assistant Head Coach at New Zealand Tennis Central's Regional Performance Program where he worked alongside New Zealand's junior talent and leading quality coaches. 

In late 2017 Dave found himself residing in New Mexico, the land of entrapment, and is now excited to share his expertise with the local Los Alamos community. David is Head Coach of the Los Alamos High School boys and girls teams and is currently training the team towards State glory.

Away from tennis David is an absolute sports nut. You will find him cheering his beloved Wellington Phoenix, NZ Warriors and All Blacks. If he isn’t yelling at TV and his teams you will find David out enjoying the sports he loves, whether a game on the tennis courts, playing golf or kicking a soccer ball around. He can also be found enjoying the great outdoors hiking with his Border Collie, Mollie, fly fishing or camping in and around the Jemez Mountains.

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